Restore and Reapply: Model Tan by Completely Bare

Completely Bare

DO THE GLOW WORM: As beach days dwindling down and tan lines fade, our glowing complexions become a fairly accurate gauge of onset summertime blues. But blues be darned, because Completely Bare (yes, the waxing experts behind both vajazzling and vatooing) declares that you shouldn't give up your summer shade without a fight, or at least some faux tanning lotion. Their Model Tan not only claims to create an even streak-free bronze for your face and body, but also packed their lotion with antioxidants and vitamins A, C, D, and E to restore your summer scorned skin to it's strong and supple best.

BUY IT: Order Model Tan by Completely Bare online for $36, per 8 oz. bottle.

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