Santa Says “Don’t Be Cruel!”


They may look pretty tough, but the bikers NBC 30 met in Wallingford are all heart!

'Bikers Against Animal Cruelty' raised cash for abused animals Saturday at the Playground Doggie Day Care and Spa.

Canines and their humans had a great time and even posed for pictures with Santa Claus.

Founder V.J. Peregolise says the idea for the bikers' group came to him after he adopted abused pitbulls.

"It really opened our eyes to the cruelty and how many of these rescues are needed," Peregolise said.

About a year ago Peregolise and his wife reached out to their friends and 'Bikers Against Animal Cruelty" was born.

"All of our friends that we ride with all love dogs and animals and it seemed like it was an untapped market for raising money for the cause," Peregolise said.

This was the group's first Christmas party. By the big smiles on people's faces, it appears they will hold the event again.

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