Sauteed Pork Medallions with an Apple and Pomegranate Glaze


8 Pork Loin Medallions-¼” thick, patted dry with paper towel
1 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil
1 Apple-peeled, cored, ½” diced
2 Tbsp. Shallots
¾ Cup Apple Cider
¼ Cup Pomegranate Molasses
Salt and Pepper to taste

While heating sauté pan on medium high heat, season the pork medallions on both sides with salt and pepper. Add the oil to the pan and add the pork medallions,
splashing away from you to avoid getting hot oil on you. Don’t crowd the pan with too much meat, or the pan will cool off too much and not sauté. Simply cook the
meat in two batches. Cook the pork for about 2 minutes on each side, or until cooked through, and remove from pan. Reserve.

In same pan, add the apple and cook until light golden, about 30 seconds. Add shallots, cook 20 seconds or until aromatic. Add apple cider and pomegranate
molasses, bring to a boil and boil down until a light syrupy glaze remains. Season to taste with the salt and pepper. Place meat back in pan to coat with sauce, and to
warm through. Serve two pieces of pork per person and garnish with your favorite accompaniments using the vegetables of the season. Enjoy!


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