Play With Beluga Whales Without Getting Wet

It's always so difficult to swim with whales.  No need to dive in any longer. 

The Whales Up Close program at the Mystic Aquarium allows you to watch a beluga feeding and their special behaviors with only a three-foot-high window between you both.

You get to meet a whale trainer in the Beluga Encounter Room for a 45-minute training session to learn about the giant whales.

After that, you are led to a behind-the-scenes window in an area of the Arctic Coast exhibit - home to the aquarium's three belugas.  The area is normally off-limits.  This is where guests you watch a trainer interact with the whale and gain firsthand insight into their many behaviors within just a foot of the beluga.

These behaviors are taught for regular close interaction that includes daily physical examinations, research, exercise, playtime and learning with the whales. Guests will also have the opportunity to interact one-on-one with the whale over the window and may even get the chance to touch the animal.

The Whales Up Close program will take place daily, with a limit of six people per session. The program is open to those ages 6 and up (those under 16 must be accompanied by a participating adult). The important part:  It costs $49 plus aquarium admission. You can buy the program on-site or they recommend a reservation.

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