Selfish Turned Satisfactory

LUXURY FROM LANARDONNE: Talk about the complete opposite appeal. Do-gooder-footwear-of-choice, Toms, and Gabriela Lanardonne's Mymu espadrilles share the same easy breezy design aesthetic but come with much different messages. While they're both brands that emphasize the recognition of far away lands, Mymu tends to choose the more exotic and luxurious ones and offers a line that caters to the jetset crowd that frequents these places. Mymu sumptuous palette of rich patterns and finishes comes in canvas, linen and silk flats inspired by Lanardonne's childhood vacations to Buenos Aires make it no contest in the battle of the best espadrille flats this season. (Sorry Toms.)

BUY IT: Find Mymu espadrilles online and in-store at Scoop in Greenwich.

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