Sequester Could Have Big Impact in Connecticut

The sequester could have a big impact on Connecticut and specifically the defense industry in the state.

Three-thousand civilian defense department employees could be furloughed. That could likely effect operations at Sikorsy, Pratt and Whitney and Electric Boat.
"You're not only impacting the shipyard but all the other supplier networks and things that are part of the local economy," John Rathgeber, of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, said.
The sequester was passed by Congress two years ago. It requires $1.2 trillion in automatic, across the board cuts unless Congress reaches a budget deal by March 1.
Governor Dannel Malloy was at the White House with fellow governors speaking out against the cuts.
"Really what we're saying is get the job done," Malloy said. "That's what we're paying you for. That's what you're here for. Work with the president and find a way to get it done."
Connecticut's National Guard force would also be impacted. Starting in April 576 guardsmen would have to be furloughed. That amounts to about 90 percent of their technician force - the men and women who service the humvees, trucks and helicopters.
"The impact that would be felt overall would be the readiness," Col. John Whitford said. "If a storm hits in August what does that do when you're in the middle of people being furloughed?"
Sen. Richard Blumenthal said both sides need to show leadership.
"The problem with the cuts is that they are completely inflexible," Sen. Blumenthal said. "They are across the board."
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