Shaw’s Closing Up Shop

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Yamini Chao

After 15 years in business in Connecticut, Shaw's supermarkets will no longer exist in the state. The SuperValu-owned chain is selling its locations to competitors.

"They do have good dollar days. We're loyal Shaw's customers. There is another store down the street, but we're used to the people here and we know everything is at," said Sonia Santiago of Hartford.
"I've been shopping for many years, and it's sad to see them go," added Domingo Delgado of Hartford.
SuperValu says while the decision to sell was a difficult one, it will allow the company to operate more efficiently and effectively in a highly competitive retail environment. Out of Shaw's 18 Connecticut locations, eleven will be sold to Wakefern, the company that operates ShopRite and PriceRite. Five of the locations will go to Stop and Shop. The Shaw's stores in Manchester and New Haven are still looking for buyers.
"A lot of companies are selling to other companies, and unfortunately, it's signs of the times," said Delgado.
Customers are optomistic that no matter if their Shaw's becomes a Stop and Shop or a ShopRite, it will still have the low prices customers have come to love at Shaw's.
"As long as the prices stay low, and it's a clean store, I'm good with it," said Doug Crawford of West Hartford.
"I think it's more, people want to shop someplace where you have good customer service and the stores are clean, and I'm pretty sure Shop Rite is going to be that way," said Rose Dugas of West Hartford.
Stop and Shop and Wakefern have said they hope to rehire some of the 2,200 employees who are losing their jobs when Shaw's closes.

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