Those Are Some Sexy Shoes!

From Reebok to Tommy Hilfiger, New Britian native Ruthie Davis has moved on to her own shoe line, and oh boy has it been making a statement. At least 60 different styled shoes will be on display at the New Britian Musuem of American Art today through June 20.

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Perhaps these were worn by Beyonce Knowles.
You'll be noticed in these! This is just one of the 60 different shoe styles that will be displayed beginning through June 20 at the New Britian Musueum of American Art.
Look at those heels! Many of the shoes on display can make anyone look at least 5 inches taller.
Davis' nut and bolt desgin definitely adds a little kick to the step when you walk in these shoes.
Of the many shoes that will be in display, five pairs have been worn by well known celebrities.
Perhaps these were worn by Beyonce Knowles.
Or these by Lady Gaga. To find out, check out "Ruthie Davis Shoes: Coutoure, Futuristic Design."
But Wait! These size 9 Mondrian shoes appeared in "Sex in the City" and they could be yours, along with a limo ride to New York City to meet Ruthie Davis at her Studio and lunch at Pastisse.
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