Slurs Cover Farm Man Won in Suit Against Instructor

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Champion riders once trained at the Quarry Town Stable in Portland, now, the once-thriving horse farm is covered in anti-gay slurs, broken glass and piles of feces.

Andrew Srb won the property in a civil suit that accused his former riding teacher, Robert Johnson, of sexually assaulting him in the mid-80s.

The property was turned over to him on Aug. 15. When Srb went to the farm on Monday morning, he found it in shambles. The vandalism and damage is disgusting, he said.

Srb soon called his attorney, who immediately started taking pictures of everything.

"The damage to the property is very upsetting, monumental and totally unnecessary," said Gerald Sack, who represents Srb.

Sack says the hate messages sprayed on the walls and doors of the stables are very personal and direct.

“You will rot in hell,” one said.

There is also one in the same stall where Srb says he was assaulted.

“Andrew Srb is a lying .. (goes on to include an expletive),” it says.

"We will get to the bottom of this. For my client to find his new property in this condition is inexcusable," Sack said.

All the damage has greatly reduced the value of Srb's new property, Sack said.

"It's worlds apart from what it looked like six weeks ago. Now we have bags of dung everywhere. The house looks like a hurricane hit it inside. There's intentional damage, broken bulbs, feces, obscenities and the spray painting. It's just awful," Sack said.

Portland police are now investigating the vandalism and have several leads.

Srb said he will clean up the mess as soon as possible and sell the horse farm.

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