Snacks Are on Us (Sorta)

Marc Jacobs' weird but worthy bag and Bath & Body Works jumps on the Twilight trend

HAPPY TRAILS... We heard keeping up with healthy snacking was just one step forward on the path to flu recovery. So goodbye Frito Lay, hello antioxidant and vitamin rich snackage! We particularly love MixMyGranola's snack mix site that allows customers to create their own nutrient-spiked granola with tons of different toppings. What's in the Want This' dream mix?: Low-fat granola with dried goji berries and golden raisins, roasted almonds, crystallized ginger bits, and and a shot of Caffeine Powder, for just about $10. Annnnnd, we convinced them to give you a break on ordering -- so enter the Want This exclusive discount code (NBCCONNECTICUT) for twenty percent off your order!

SMELLS LIKE VAMPIRES, I GUESS... Want This isn't really into the Twilight trend, but the chances are most people on your holiday shopping list are (here's looking at YOU mom!) So one great gift to grab without looking too cheesy, comes from Bath & Body Works and their Twilight Woods fragrance collection. With a killer buy-3-get-2-free (or buy 2-get-1-free) promotion, an exotically sweet and woody treat will satisfy the inner-vamp in any of your Edward Cullen worshiping pals. Find in store, prices range from $4-$29.50.

IGGY BANK BUST... Marc Jacobs is able to remaster and revamp his signature quilted, heavy hardware handbags season after season but his latest "Iggy" patterns have us scratching our heads. With looped chain straps and endearing mini padlock and luggage tag details, in theory we love the bags and their $1,300-ish price tags. The psychedelic, swirly, Versailles-esque pattern doesn't really tempt us to break the bank, but we can't decide... is it whimsy or is it wacky? Find the latest Iggy collection at Saks in Greenwich and Tweet us your thoughts... @WantThisCT!

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