Sneakers Not So ‘Yeezy' to Come By

If Kanye West is looking for a big(ger) ego boost, he should stop by Hartford.

More than a dozen people came prepared to spend more than 48 hours outside on Main Street in Hartford to get their hands on Air Yeezys, the sneakers the hip-hop star designed for Nike.

Lines started forming at 2 p.m. Thursday for sneakers that go on sale at 9 a.m. Saturday at 9 a.m.

Savin Shoes on Main Street is the only store in Connecticut that will sell them.

People brought food, a tarp to keep the rain away and toothbrushes to camp out for the brightly colored sneakers that sell for $215.

That’s actually a bargain. In Atlanta, one man camped out for three nights and spent $300 on the shoes, CNN reports

Some want them but others smell an opportunity.

Greg Michaud, from West Hartford, plans on selling his pair on eBay for $700 to $800.

Nike describes the Kanye high-top as "epitome of evolutionary design." Let's just hope those daring fanatics have actually seen the shoe before they sit through a rainy day on the streets of Hartford.

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