Driving Up: Sonic May Be Coming to Town

The purest of greasy and delicious food may have become just a little easier for Connecticut residents.  Word on the street, or CareerBuilder.com, is that the restaurant chain, SONIC Drive-In, is coming to Connecticut. 

According to a post that was spotted, SONIC is looking for full-time General Mangers, Managers and District Managers for its supposed new location in Wallingford.

According to Drew Ritger, Jr., Senior Vice President of Business Planning & Purchasing, Sonic is working with a local franchisee and hope to open the first location in Connecticut within two years.

SONIC was founded in 1953 and has 3,500 locations across the United States. Currently the nearest SONIC is in Kingston, NY, over 68 miles away from Hartford.

The restaurant is known for it drive-in ordering where patrons order through an intercom and their food is delivered to their car.

A spokeswoman for SONIC has not commented on the move to Wallingford.

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