Sonic Sensation to Appear on Ellen

Giorgio Fareira, 23, of Fairfield, will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today.

When Giorgio Fareira, 23, of Fairfield, went to the Sonic in Wallingford a couple weeks ago, the order he placed made him famous.

Perhaps you’ve seen the YouTube video that’s bringing smiles to faces across the country, and maybe beyond.

Now, more than 700,000 YouTube hits later, you can see Giorgio on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

On Monday, Giorgio met with Ellen to talk about what compelled him to sing in his order that day.

Ellen loved what Giorgio did at Sonic so much, she sent him out to random locations around Burbank, California to entertain people at Starbucks, AAA, a hair salon and a dental office.

The episode airs at 4 p.m. on NBC Connecticut and you can hear Giorgio sing a song her wrote just for Ellen and see how Ellen surprises Giorgio.

You can hear more of Giorgio's music on his YouTube Channel or on his Web site.

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