SPF of Super Status


PROTECT IT: With the weather warming up it's impossible to go anywhere these days without SPF warning signs stopping you in your tracks. Making leaving the house without sunscreen just as much as a faux pas as forgetting to wear pants. We've never put too much thought into choosing the right kind, but that was before we met Supergoop! Made for all-ages, Supergoop! has a PA++ international rating for protection and a Gold Triangle Award for Excellence in Sun Safety from the American Academy of Dematologly.  Plus, it's completely void of all those chemicals, parabens and synthetic ingredients that give your typical bottle of SPF 30 a bad rep. Plus, Supergoop! comes pack with plethora of antioxidants and moisturizers to soften, strengthen and repair the skin while it protects.

BUY IT: Find Supergoop! products at Papaya Patch in West Hartford, Peacock Organics in Groton and a variety of other retailers across the state.

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