Starbucks And Its Recession Relief

Jack's Coterie Debut and Discounted Deep Sea Minerals in Old Lyme

VIVIA LA VIA... We were given a free sample of Starbucks new insta-coffee, VIA, with our Americano (with room and one pump of Cinnamon Dolce syrup, please) this morning. While Want This loves our caffeine, we've tended to shy away from coffee that comes in the same form of Kool-Aid. Starbucks launched VIA in select locations several months ago, but it only landed in our local stores in Connecticut this past weekend. When tested, the coffee itself is just as strong as it's brewed counterpart at a fraction of the counter price. We think this will find a permanent home within our emergency purse stash. Find at your local Starbucks or online for $9.95 a box of 12 in Latin America and Specialty Roast blends.

TAKE IT AWAY JACK... Jack Rogers might be still in debate with other Palm Beach brands about who was the first to put the Navajo sandal on the market, but they're breaking ground with their Spring clothing collection and have been leaking photos onto their Facebook Fan Page after debuting at Coterie last week. So far, we saw sundresses and structured shorts perfect for boardwalks and bike rides, aka the Connecticut summer uniform, but we'll be chatting with their team and Bernadette Murray to get the inside scoop this week. In the meantime, check out their newly launched and designed e-commerce site and start envisioning your Navajo color for next season.

SEASIDE SAMPLE SALE... 8 Vista Drive in Old Lyme is home to Wilkes Group, distributors of Evian and Source Océan beauty products, and your ticket to sample sale paradise. While the hours might be weird (7:30-3, on most weekdays, call ahead to confirm, 1-800-365-3958) the prices are discounted enough to justify spritzing yourself with French filtered water as a daily beauty practice all winter long. Visit their website for more information and directions.

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