State Labor Department Urges Patience

The state Labor Department has gotten a handle on the deluge of calls it was dealing with for unemployment benefits. 

Nancy Steffens, the spokesperson for the department, said Monday the Web site had been overwhelmed with people requesting their benefits. 

Sunday night through Monday is the usual time in which the department deals with the highest number of requests. 

The Department of Labor installed a new computer server has been installed, which is helping the department get through the backlog and delays.

Monday, Stebbens said, was the worst she's seen in a long time because of the increase in those unemployed, the storms that hit the state over the weekend and the upcoming holiday season.

Usually, she said, the department handles about  100 requests during a 5-minute period. Monday, she said, the department is only able to handle about 20 requests in five minutes.

She said the process might be delayed a day or two, but checks will go out. 

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