Stefanie Dolson Challenges President to a Dance Off

Stefanie Dolson said she would challenge the president to a dance off if and when she made another trip to the White House.

Last night, the UConn basketball star did just that.

With microphone in hand after the UConn women defeated Notre Dame last night, the senior center said, “President Obama, we’re back. Secondly, he’d better get his dance moves on point,” according to video aired on ESPN. 

When the team went to the White House last July to celebrate their 2013 national title win, Dolson said she challenged the president to a dance-off.

She also gave him bunny ears

She is the comedian of the team and Head coach Geno Auriemma has said she brings joy to the team.
"There's been very, very few people that I've encountered in my life that have enjoyed the experience more than she has, and brought that kind of joy to the court and to everything else that we do," Auriemma told the Associated Press in February.

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