Strong in “The Force” Will Bridgeport Be

Star Wars Concert to Dazzle the Ears and Eyes

Don’t be surprised if you see Yoda, Darth Vader or Chewbacca walking around Bridgeport next month. That’s because “Star Wars In Concert” will be playing at the Arena at Harbor Yard in Bridgeport on Tuesday, Nov. 10 and the Star Wars fanboys and fangirls are sure to show up in their costumes.

The concert will feature music from all six Star Wars movies and will be accompanied by specially edited footage from all the films presented on a three-story-tall high-definition screen. A full symphony orchestra and choir will perform the works of composer John Williams.

"We've taken the key themes from the music and cut together all the images that fit with each theme, so you can really get a sense of how the music played into the images," George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars saga, said on "The whole soundtrack is a testament to John Williams' creativity and his extraordinary ability to enhance the emotional aspects of the films."

Jedi Knight wannabes will also be excited to hear the familiar voice of C-3PO.  Anthony Daniels, the actor who portrayed the golden droid, will act as host and narrator during the performance.

In addition to the concert, a traveling Star Wars museum will accompany the tour.  There will be some costumes, props and movie artifacts that will be on display for the first time ever.  At some shows, fans missed the beginning of the concert because they were engrossed by the memorabilia exhibit in the lobby.

Tickets are already on sale and range from $35 to $75.  For more information visit the Arena at Harbor Yard’s Web site.

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