Local Reaction Strong to Gaza Carnage

Locals express outrage, protest planned

With Israel's air raids continuing a fourth day, and Hamas also sustaining its rocket fire, the violence has triggered strong statements in Connecticut.

"I think it's just a matter of conscience," said Stanley Heller of the Middle East Crisis Committee.  "America supplies Israel with billions of dollars and I just find it appalling that my tax money supports this kind of oppression," he said.

He plans a protest in New Haven outside the federal courthouse beginning at noon Wednesday.  He's been demonstrating against Israeli military actions since the invasion of Lebanon in 1982, he said.

Meanwhile, Rabbi Yosef Cohen of Young Israel of New Haven condemns the rocket fire from Gaza into Israel.

"We pray every day for the wellbeing of the civilians in the south of Israel," Cohen said. "It's been tragic to watch day in and day out, to hear stories of mothers and children and elderly running for cover."

Heller thinks Israel should treat Palestinians as equals and give them back territories occupied since the 1967 war.

Cohen, on the other hand, says the Palestinians should allow Israel to live in peace.

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