Super Shaper

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WAIST WATCHERS: Dear Fit Flop, Shape-Ups and Spanx: I think we should talk. You see, I have found another.

ShāToBu was introduced to us by a friend, who pegged the product as a shapewear that not only trimmed your physique, but it actually trimmed your physique. Now, we're huge fans of products that claim to give you a workout, without the workout (see above), so we just knew we had to know more.

The undergarment worked as well as any other shapewear product but also introduced the theory of resistance training, so as you walk and wear in them, they increase your daily calorie burn by 12 percent. They're slightly bulkier than some of their shapewear cousins - with most fits going straight to the knee - but with the promise of a little muscle burn, we're willing to compromise.

BUY IT: Order the ShāToBu High-Waist to Knee (pictured here) online for $60, in black or nude.

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