Surveillance Footage Shows Crash Involving Bus, Police Cruiser

Eight surveillance cameras onboard a Connecticut Transit bus captured the terrifying moment of impact when a police cruiser smashed into it in New Haven on Monday.

The CT Transit bus can be seen traveling down Temple Street when a cruiser driven by Officer Victor Herrera, of the New Haven police, slammed into the side while coming down Elm Street.

Video from outside the bus shows a UPS truck near the intersection, which some speculate could have blocked the bus driver's view of the oncoming cruiser.

According to police, Herrera was responding to a call at the train station when the crash occurred.

In the video, it's not clear if the cruiser had its lights on and witnesses gave different accounts on Monday.

“I felt the crash," said Christopher Krantz, who was riding the bus. "I didn’t see him coming, but apparently the cop had his lights on and he was coming through.”

“I'd seen the cop car flying up, but I didn't know it was coming towards us until we got hit,” said Debra Conway, who was also on the bus.

Video from inside the bus shows passengers being thrown from their seats to the floor.

“The whole insides of the bus were falling apart, falling and crashing down,” said passenger Stacey Rogers.

Another camera angle shows the front of the bus as it crashes up onto the New Haven Green. A light pole smashes through the windshield, and part of the pole – and the bus – nearly graze a passerby.

It all happened in a matter of seconds.

The crash is under investigation by the New Haven Police Department and CT Transit.

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