Swash Buckling Heroes

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SQUEAKY CLEAN: Laundry day never is a good day, at least not for us. That's why we can't get enough of Tide's latest innovative clean-all collection - Swash. From combating wrinkles, static and odor (Smooth It Out) to steaming your un-washables fresh in the dryer (Steam It Out) to your plain old - but gotta have it - stain stick (Get It Out), Swash's four product line has you covered.

For now, the products are only available online so we're looking to buy in bulk for the time being. We'll be taking the Get It Out 3-pack, making sure we never leave home and ruin another irreplaceable perfect white tee ever again.

BUY IT: Preview and order the Swash collection online starting at $12.99 from Target with free shipping with code TGTSWASH.

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