Sweat and Stretch (And Sweat Some More)

Want Hair Extensions... rethink, it gets graphic!

YOGI GOES BARE.. So perhaps you've heard Bikram Yoga horror stories. Want This personally has a friend that passed out during a particularly sweltering session and had to be carried out. That being said, we're still nervous about signing up for our first session of heat box zen, but Farmington Bikram is currently running a special that we can't ignore: 30 days (of unlimited classes) for only $30 for new clients, meaning you can get your sweat on as much as your internal body boiling point can handle.

IT'S PIE-FECT... Two things Want This can't get enough of -- pie and pot pie. Nearly the same concept, yet totally different and more complicated to make than we'd like to admit. So we were just smitten when we found the Pocket Pie Molds at Williams-Sonoma for only $9.95. They come in pumpkin and apple shapes to serve as filling suggestions and seasonal flair!  They're ready to be stuffed with dough and fillings before crimping the edges closed for simple frying or baking.

HAIR AWARE... Still wishing you were born with the hair you've always wanted? Or just in the waiting period after a horrendous haircut but not sure you're ready to try out extensions? No worries because Clare Chen has us covered with her Hair Extension "Dreams Come True" t-shirts featuring shoulder-side graphics of the tussled ponytail we wish was our own. Order online from Supermarket for only $38.

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