Swiss Army Knife Can Save Lives – and Files

The Swiss Army knife saved MacGyver’s life many, many times. If the action-adventure hero had the latest version of the knife, made by Monroe-based Victorinox, his life might have been less hectic.

The new knife has blue tooth and a laser pointer, the Telegraph reports. It was on dispay this week at the 2009 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

It has a memory stick that can store hundreds of documents and has a laser pointer to point to slides, the British newspaper reports. The 2009 version of the knife, however, has no blade.

MacGyver was always able to do amazing things with toothpicks and gum, so that might not matter. In fact, he might have been able to patent those creative uses of everyday items, store them on the knife.

By cashing in on those ideas, he might have been able to avoid the bad guys all together and have a much cushier lifestyle.

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