Take Main Street to Main Street, Then Left on Main

Cruise along Route 1 in Branford and you’ll find that East Main Street runs into North Main Street, which eventually runs into West Main Street. 

For those living in Branford, it probably makes sense that the town has five “Main Streets.” 

But if you’re not familiar with the inner workings of the various Main Streets and Routes in the area, finding an address might prove a confusing, frustrating and tangled mess. 

That’s why First Selectman Anthony DaRos wants to untangle it.  He wants to rename the West Main Street, North Main Street and East Main Street stretches of Route 1 so they all become one sequentially numbered Boston Post Road. 

DaRos says the name-changing process is lengthy – involving the Chamber of Commerce, the Economic Development Commission and the Board of Assessors. 

The next step will be to create forums where the public can give their opinions and be fully informed during the data gathering process.   If the meetings take place on Main Street, they'll be sure to specify which one.

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