Taking a Gamble on New Restaurants

Mohegan Sun's making gambling stomachs grumble

Where fortunes are made and lost on numbers, Mohegan Sun is gambling with some new fare on Wednesday.  They’re cutting ribbons on some new restaurants.

Burger lovers will be thrilled with the addition of Bobby's Burger Palace, where of course, Bobby refers to the one-and-only Bobby Flay.

The Sun is also putting money on a New Haven original, Pepe's Pizza. (But you, our faithful NBCConnecticut.com users, knew that they were good, awarding them the coveted Golden Local.)

And a new food court opens, featuring Jasper White’s Summer Shack Express, The Original Soup Man and Chief’s Bagels.

Although great food is reason enough to go check out the new dining outlets, to celebrate the opening Wednesday at 11 a.m., Mohegan Sun executives and even restaurant execs like Bobby Flay and Jasper White will be making appearances.

It seems like a safe bet that even the pickiest eaters win.


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