Teens Help Prevent Risky Driving

It looked like your average DUI checkpoint on North Frontage Road, but standing with the police officers are teenage students.

One of the students asked a motorist, "Would you like a brochure from Teens Breaking Barriers?"

The youth leadership group researched and designed a holiday safety tips brochure.

"We felt people should know what to do around the holidays because there are a lot of risky drivers out there, so we made tips to tell people what to do," said Genesis Harris, a 17-year-old member of Teens Breaking Barriers.

 Teens Breaking Barriers Tips

The group went a step further. The members took the time to pass out the fliers themselves at the DUI checkpoint Tuesday night to keep the community safe.

"The police are out here trying to decrease DUIs and so are our students," said Shanna Barton, the group's adviser.

The brochure the teens designed has a lot of information, from basic safety tips to information about depression to fun virgin drinks, non-alcoholic ways to celebrate the holidays.

New Haven Police officials said the teens’ involvement shows they care about the community.

"Instead of (going) out there partying, they're out here with us in the cold, trying to get a positive message across," Lt. Joseph Witkowski said.

Police will be doing their part too over the next two weeks with increased patrols and more DUI checkpoints.

Genesis Harris said it takes a group effort to keep people safe.

"You can't do this by yourself," Harris said. "This is something that takes lots of people lots of eagerness."

The teens said their effort is well worth it, if it helps save lives.

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