Thanks for Nothing (Well, Actually for a Small Fee)

Thanks For Everything

GRIEF-FREE GRATITUDE: With graduation and bridal season officially underway, we tend to find ourselves knee-deep in thank you notes with little time to fill them out. Sure, we sound ungrateful, but when the summer air is calling our names, we have no choice to trade our ball-points for beach balls and procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate. This act tends to go over poorly with mom and dad and usually leads to wagging fingers at next year's soiree. Luckily, we discovered the Thank You note writing service from Thanks for Everything, an innovative (and handy, if we do say so ourselves) new Web site that will write a customized note to everyone on your list with such detail and poignancy that your relatives will be none the wiser. And while they might not be handwritten (though they use "sophisticated handwriting fonts -- that skew female, male and gender-neutral") for $5.50 a pop, complete with postage stamp, we think you'll have one last Thank You to send out this season.

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