Take Your Potential Hubbies for a Test Drive

Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman has a new book on shopping, and it's not for shoes

Janice Lieberman, a long-time consumer reporter, was just a single gal who realized she had a fabulous job and fabulous friends but no one to share it with. Sounds like a familiar story, no?

But, Janice is a huntress, on the prowl for the best bargains and ready to scout a scam from a mile away. 

So naturally when she set out to find a man, she decided to take what she knew from the retail world along with her. One happy marriage later, and poof, Janice and her childhood gal pal Bonnie Teller produce the tongue-in-cheek dating guide "How to Shop for a Husband."

You read that right, not "How to Shop for YOUR Husband," but "How to Shop for A Husband."

She takes her stealthy and strategic shopping methods to scouring the singles scene and instructs readers to find the equivalent of that perfect "little black dress," the perfect piece that goes from day to night, timeless not trendy, and is suitable to meet both your parents and your girlfriends. The little black dress that always looks good on you, no matter what.

Janice admits she's a picky girl. And rightfully so, once we all have ducks in a row, it's hard not to strive for the best in our love life as well. But little did she know, as a co-worker suggested she share one lust-worthy quality at a time on-air, her future husband was watching TV with his father, who was telling him, "You should call her!"

Who says life isn't a fairy tale?

Janice says this is a common mistake in women: They are picky, not choosy. They aren't willing to go outside their comfort zone of what they think is an ideal mate. 

The truth is, how often do we find that perfect dress that is 75 percent off, makes us look 10 pounds thinner, makes our hair look shinier, our eyes brighter, our job better?  Yeah, once in a million.

So maybe you have to splurge. Sacrifice a few other things, just to make it happen and the truth is, it may pay off in the long run.

Janice's hilarious personal stories, tough love approach, and simplistic breakdown of dating - that ALL us women can understand - give you the guidance that even your best gal pal never could.

So here are some of Janice's Words of Wisdom:

TRY EVERYTHING ON: When you're in your 20's you think the world is your oyster. But it won't always be that way. If you're in your 20's and you don't have your guy, go on a shopping spree.

CHECK THE EXPIRATION DATE: You can say after 3 months, men are like yogurt, if they're no good, you've got to toss them.

BUYER'S REMORSE: If you feel like it's going nowhere, get out of there fast.  You need to "re-package yourself" and get a little makeover, inside and out.  Speak with an impartial person and find out what's going on with you.  You can't wait and hope, you've got to make it happen for yourself!

SHOP ALONE: It's not a comfortable thing to go out alone, but it's like a business that you just have to get done.  If you're with a girlfriend, and you're both the same size 6, and there's only one on the rack, you're going to fight.

AND REMEMBER... The right merchandise has to stand the test of time.

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