They’re Embarrassing Gifts (But We Still Want Them)

Nerdy and thrifty finds that make excellent stocking stuffers and pick-me-up's!

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CANDY LAND... As if we hadn't heard enough chocolate jokes aimed at women, Pylones has to poke even more fun with their chocolate bar inspired rubber iPhone cases that resemble a big hunk of Hersey goodness. We try to resist, but our hormones (and love of quirk) get the better of us. Order online for $15.

BEER BEAT BOX.... Want This might not be the type to tailgate, but we sure do know a crowd that does and they'll be needing gifts under the trees this year as well. In a state like Connecticut, there is no better crowd than the UConn crowd to embrace Bud Light's new Speaker Box, which not only contains 24 cans of their frothy beer but has a built-in speaker, ready to hook up to your MP3 player. Who says there are only so many times you can hear hear Gary Glitter?

PAPER PLEATS... We've been trying to figure out a way to take a 4x4 inch piece of paper and turn it into something substantially chic for this year, but no such luck. That is, until now, with Fashion Origami; a 28-page guide and 120 sheets of pre-cut colorful paper ready to be folded into pleats that would make Posen blush. Order online from Fred Flare for $12.

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