This Father's Day, Tell Dad to Take a Hike!

Take off that tie and strap on your hiking boots

Well, Dad always says, "I don't want anything this Father's Day; I just want to spend time with you."

So here you go.  Save the $4.95 on a card and head for some of the scenic hiking trails all over the state to enjoy the day.  One of them is sure to fit your ability whether you are a hard-core hiker or a parent looking to take the kids on an adventure.

Easy to Moderate

Case Mountain, Manchester, CT.

A great place to bring the family for a short nature walk or a long hike, these easy to moderate trails are a good way to see nature without risking your life. Keep an eye out for deer, especially near the waterfall. Also take time to visit the eerie looking lodge that overlooks Case Pond.  Bring your camera because once you’re at the summit you’ll want to snap a few shots of the Hartford view.

Talcott Mountain State Park (Heublein Tower), Simsbury, CT.

After making your way up a steep hill, this trail levels off and follows the ridgeline of Talcott Mountain. Once you catch your breath, look out over the ridgeline to see a spectacular view of Simsbury, Avon and Bloomfield. Once you arrive at Heublein Tower make the trip up the stairs to see a breathtaking view of the Connecticut River Valley and Massachusetts.  

Moderate to Hard

Bear Mountain, Salisbury, CT

The highest summit in Connecticut -- you think that it would be easy to find, right?  Wrong. You’ll want to look for the Under Mountain Trail on Route 41. Once you park it will take you about hour and a half to hump your way up to the summit where you will look out over the Twin Lakes and the rest of the northwest corner of the state.  This trail is just off the Application Trail so there are carry in campsites along this path.  Of course, just beware of bears.  It takes most hikers five hours to make this round trip journey.

Mount Everett State Reservation, Washington, MA

Just over the Massachusetts border and only minutes from Bear Mountain, take this hike if you are in for a challenge and want to take in the sights of this mountain’s waterfalls. It's a great place to visit if you want to see a tropical paradise without the travel or the cost.  Pack a lunch because this hike will take a few hours to complete. There are better summits in the area but Everett’s falls make up for its view-obstructed summit. 

Enjoy the great outdoors!

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