This Weekend: Enjoy Fun on the Water in Mystic

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There are more than enough sites and sounds to take in at Mystic Seaport.

For those who want a water experience, the Sabino steams along the river 20 times a day.

"It's a 1908 steamboat it's all original, burns coal, burns about 1,000 pounds a day,” said Cpt. Carl Shelto.

The boat is a moving national historic landmark.

"It's a sense of timeless almost, this boat is running the way it's been running for close to a century. There's just something very humbling about that almost,” Steven Orkin, of Long Island, said.

"I love historical fiction, so this kind of fits in with historical fiction,” Jules Orkin, of Long Island, said.

If you're looking for a more hands-on activity, there are weekend learn-to-sail programs, or you can just hop aboard the Seaport’s Crosby Cat boat and let Captain Al Burnett lead the way.

"This is like the Staten Island Ferry of Mystic. You can come out here and get cooled off. If you're in the city, that's the only way to get cooled off,” Burnett said.

Most of the boat rides at the Seaport will cost you a couple extra bucks after the price of admission, but, for free, you can go for a 10-minute ride on Necessity, the Seaport's water shuttle.

"It's brilliant. It goes all day long on batteries, so you can chat away, no odor and it does a good job,” Cpt. David Childs said.

No matter which watercraft you choose, you're sure to be in for quite a ride.

"It's just nice. You feel the rocking of the boat, nice, relaxing,” Steve Roy, of Massachusetts, said.

"It's nice. This is like calm, relaxing and the scenery. ... over here it's beautiful. It's amazing. I just love it,” Brenda Bellizzi, of Massachusetts, said.

For a complete list of events at Mystic Seaport this summer, click here.

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