Times Square Ball Numerals To Be Lit by LEDs

One thing that would make a big statement about solid state lighting as the year ends is the Times Square Ball and its Numerals 2010.

Royal Philips Electronics has been providing the Times Square Ball its lighting for the past ten years. Within that span of time, the light used has evolved from halogen and incandescent lighting to the company's LUXEON LED technology for 2007 and 2008.

This time, Philips fitted the Times Square Ball Numerals with new white-light LED retrofit bulbs that will also be made available to consumers. " ...global icons such as the Times Square Ball are not the only applications that can enjoy the benefits of LED technology. With our mission to enhance people's lives with light, we have launched a broad line of Philips LED retrofit bulbs so that consumers can now experience the brightness, energy efficiency, and long life characteristics of LEDs in the comfort of their own homes," says Philips Lighting North America CEO Ed Crawford.

The consumer version of the LED lighting used for the Times Square Ball and its Numerals is called the Philips AmbientLED PAR 30 Longneck, which is ideal for use in applications that require recessed lighting. The bulbs consume 11 watts of energy, which Philips claims is 78 percent less the energy used by 50 watt halogen bulbs they have the capacity to replace. They have an expected lifespan of 25,000 hours and have an output rated at 400 lumens. Besides the PAR 30 Longneck for recessed lighting applications, Philips also released a range other types of LED lighting (floodlight, spotlight and candle bulb) for this consumer line. More pictures of the event could be found here.

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