To Close or Not to Close: That Is The Question

Students at Great Oak Middle School in Oxford got two unexpected days off.  The Superintendent canceled classes after more than 90 kids called out sick Wednesday.  At least two students have confirmed cases of swine flu.

"One kid I know in my grade got the swine flu and he's been out for awhile," said Emma Plankey, a 7th grader at Great Oak.

Parents were called at 2:45 Wednesday afternoon with the decision.  Cleaning crews will be at the school Thursday and Friday disinfecting desks and classrooms. 

"I'm not afraid.  It's a flu.  Kids get the flu quite a bit, just generally not in June," said Pat Plankey, Oxford.

And that's part of the problem.  Several districts around the state have been forced to decided whether or not to close for clean up.  Not all of them have come up with the same answer.  In Seymour, 137 kids were absent at the middle school, but school will remain open.  Same goes in South Windsor, despite 2 confirmed swine flu cases there.  In Milford, high school students will only have half days because school leaders feel the federal recommendations are confusing.

"The federal government has been contradictory in their advice.  Local health officials have made it clear that we'll try half days and see where it goes," said Harvey Polansky, Milford Public Schools Superintendent.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, K-12 recommendations advise against school dismissal unless there is a large number of faculty or student absenteeism.

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