Top Dogs in Connecticut

A list is out for the best places to grab a hot dog in Connecticut.

Hot dogs come in all shapes and sizes -- ketchup-ed, relish-ed and even deep fried.

Now is out with its best dogs in the country. Several Connecticut locations make the list of the best wieners.
From the chili piled high at the Top Dog truck in Portland to Rawley’s “works” dog in Fairfield. Seriouseats says if you like hot dogs, you might want to plan a tour of the Nutmeg state. We can’t forget about the Super Duper Weenie in Fairfield.
Getting hungry? Let’s talk more about some of the toppers you’ll find on the ballpark favorite. Back at Rawley’s, the works includes mustard, relish, sauerkraut and crunch bacon chunks, all in a toasted bun.
The slumping economy took its toll on another Connecticut favorite, Roscoe’s Big Dog in downtown Hartford closed its doors last New Year’s Eve.
But Augie & Ray’s in East Hartford is still serving up some favorites. In addition to the dogs, some say you can’t miss the onion rings at the East Hartford hangout.
The battle over who has the top dog in the nation will be debated for generations to come. Some say you can’t beat a hot dog from the original Nathan’s in Coney Island or even a ballpark frank from Fenway Park. 
Whatever your choice, we think nothing beats a good old plain dog topped with just ketchup.

What's your favorite? Tell us in your comments.

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