Teen With Car Trouble Says Buyer Beware

Greg Teti has the keys, but his car is sitting with a busted transmission at the dealership where he bought it in East Windsor.
"I bought it on a Thursday and brought it back Monday," said Teti, 18, of Torrington.
That Thursday was on July 15, when Teti went to Quality Motors on Route 5.  After putting down a $200 security deposit, he paid another $2,600 for a gold-colored 2001 Honda Civic.
But Teti said the trouble started immediately, first with the check engine light.  "20 minutes after we bought it. It popped right on on the way home," Teti said.  Then two days later, Teti said the standard car wouldn't function in fifth gear.
Teti brought it back to Quality Motors, because when he bought the car, the dealer said it came with a warranty.  "When he gave us the warranty brochure, I felt confident," said Teti. "We signed the paper and everything."
Teti showed NBC Connecticut a signed purchase order that shows a 90-day warranty.  But it's been weeks since Teti brought the car back and it hasn't been fixed. His mother, Jennifer, has had it.  "They haven't done anything for us," Jennifer Teti said.
"They tried telling me it's the warranty that's giving them trouble," said Greg Teti.
NBC Connecticut spoke to the owner of Quality Motors Mike Farina on the phone. He said the transmission should be covered under warranty and it's the warranty company that isn't coming up with the cash.
So our investigation turned to Fast Lane Vehicle Service Contracts, the warranty company out of Massachusetts.
The Director of Client Services Gina Theodore said, "We do value our relationship with our dealers and our customers. While this is an unfortunate situation, it is in fact an invalid contract because the vehicle is ineligible."
Fast Lane said it doesn't provide warranties for cars with more than 150,000 miles. Greg Teti's Honda Civic has 172,012 miles.  "They never told us that and I feel bad for Greg because he works very hard for his money," Greg's mother Jennifer said.
NBC Connecticut called Quality Motors owner Mike Farina back and asked how the car got sold with an invalid warranty.  Farina said he didn't want to comment further until he spoke with the warranty company again.
"I got ripped off by these people," said a frustrated Greg Teti.
The Teti's have filed a complaint against Quality Motors with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.  DMV Spokesperson Bill Seymour said the agency is now investigating the sale and will work with the Teti's toward a resolution.
"What I want is a full refund for what I paid for that car," Greg Teti said.

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