Kent Dems Vote No Confidence in Dodd

A Connecticut town has stepped away from the state's senior senator

Even if you don’t care about politics, the 2010 U.S. Senate race is something to pay attention to because it’s going to get fierce. 

Democrats in the town of Kent are stepping away from Sen. Chris Dodd. This just might be the first town to take this kind of action. 
The Kent Democratic Town Committee issued a vote of no confidence at its meeting Monday night.

They were unhappy about Dodd taking campaign contributions from the financial industry because he oversees the Senate banking committee, the paper reports.

The committee cited Dodd’s “powerful position of oversight of the financial industry during a period when that industry pursued policies which generated enormous profit for its practitioners while devising and carrying out fraudulent practices that have come close to bankrupting the nation,” according to the resolution.  

Tod Jones, chairman of the Kent Democratic Town Committee, sent Dodd a letter stating that he did not support it.  

"As Chairman of the Committee, I feel bound to say that I am sorry this resolution passed, as I did not support it, and I am especially sorry that a Senator with such a laudable and extensive record of public service has created a situation which makes thinkable the passage of such a resolution," Jones wrote in the letter. 

Dodd campaign manager Jay Howser issued a statement responding to the vote, the Hartford Courant reports.

"From capping executive compensation to protecting families from abusive credit card practices and pushing for a consumer protection agency as part of the financial regulatory reforms, it's been Chris Dodd who has lead the way on these and other issues over the years.“

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