Tuberculosis Testing Begins at Hartford School

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Testing for tuberculosis begins on Tuesday at Naylor Elementary School in Hartford after a student contracted the disease.

School officials learned about the student's diagnosis last Wednesday and released information to the public last Thursday. 

"Once it was confirmed (the) student was immediately put on antibiotics," Naylor principal Robert Travaglini said. "The student is no longer contagious and doing very well."

While the student is no longer contagious, he or she had been for eight weeks, school officials said.

About 60 students and some staff members will be checked for TB.

Pulmonologist Dr. Edward Salerno said people who were in close contact with the person should be tested with a skin test or blood test, but he cautioned that people can test positive for TB and not be infected.

The bacteria might be dormant in your system. However, active TB symptoms include a bad cough, chest pain, weakness or fatigue, fever and chills.

"Although it's an infectious disease, it's treatable and curable," Dr. Salerno said. "No one should panic."

Testing will also be available for other people in the school who have concerns about TB. Those tests will be offered the third week of November.

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