TV Repairs Up In Tight Times

You can get a LG LCD television at Bernie’s for $699.99. And that’s not even a Black Friday special.
 “The prices are incredible,” said Don Bishop, Bernie’s General Manager. “They just keep going down year after year.”
But even as prices on new televisions drop, in tight times, not everyone can afford to buy new.
Some people are calling 20th Century TV in East Hartford to fix old television sets instead.
“Business has picked up,” said Glen Edwards, whose father owns the repair shop. “A lot more people are coming in with repairs.”
Edwards says one woman on Monday brought in a small wooden set that was 27 years old for his father to fix.

“It seems like people are finding their older stuff and fixing it, rather than going out and buying stuff because it’s cheaper to fix what you’ve already got,” Edwards said.
Edwards say a repair can cost anywhere from 65 to about 300 dollars.
He says cash-strapped people are also trying to sell small electronic appliances, like toasters and televisions, to try to make some money.
“For example, today we probably had four to five people come in. We actually bought a small t.v. for not much money, but someone just wanted some gas money,” Edwards said.
If you still would rather buy new, electronics stores like Bernie’s say they will have great doorbuster deals on Black Friday, and ways to help you make the payments.
“We offer financing packages with the televisions, so we will have great financing packages on Friday as well,” Don Bishop said.

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