UConn Chalk Talk: Breaking Down the Matchup Zone

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In the wake of UConn's loss to Louisville Friday, I posted some comments from ESPN analyst and former coach Bob Knight, who worked the game. Today, a more detailed look at exactly how UConn needs to attack the matchup zone, a defense that has had a lot to do with the Huskies' recent struggles.

To paraphrase George Michael imitating Warner Wolf, "Let's go to the photo stills…"

Midway through the first half of the UConn-Louisville game, play-by-play announcer Brent Musburger posed this question to Knight: "So Bob, why is this matchup zone of Louisville causing Kemba so many problems during the early going?"

Knight: [UConn] brings that post man up high -- and Kemba did hit a shot from up there -- but I think they have to keep those two post men down low.

Now we're going to see Walker penetrate, here he comes off [the screen].

Now he has to pass right here to his right. He doesn't make that pass.

Now he gets caught and we're going to see the post man completely open at the free throw line.

And Walker has to see him now but he winds up taking a very, very poor shot under pressure. Walker has to know where people are when he makes that penetrating move because he passed up two people that had a much, much better shot than the one he took.

Surely, Jim Calhoun knows this. The problem is that other than Jamal Coombs-McDaniel, there hasn't been a consistent supporting cast around Walker.

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