Verdict Reached In Case of Slain Stripper

Gloria Frink of East Hartford is still overwhelmed with emotion.  On Tuesday, a jury found 57-year-old Kenneth Otto guilty of her daughter's murder.  “When we heard murder one all 3 counts, oh man, oh God” said Frink. 

The jury deliberated for two days, before convicting Otto on one count murder and two counts tampering with evidence in the death of 22-year-old Shamaia Smith. 

Police say Otto killed Smith and then tried to cover it up by burning her body on his Stafford property in April of 2007.  “Justice is done.  He got what he deserved,” said Frink. 

The two met at Kahoots in Vernon where Smith was working as an exotic dancer.  Police say Otto admitted dating Smith, but denied killing her.

Frink says this has given her some closure and she can now find peace knowing the man responsible will pay for what he did.  “We sat there and tears came to our eye.  We’re happy in the end.  That’s all I can say,” said Frink.

Otto faces life in prison when he's sentenced in February.

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