Hartford Crash Victims Identified

Two men who survived a violent crash at a notorious intersection in Hartford have been released from the hospital.

Admir Klino and Arnes Vrabac were the fortunate ones.  Their companions in the car, identified by The Hartford Courant as Sanjin Alagic and Emir Mahmutovic of Vermont, died in the one car crash early Friday morning.

The vehicle was reportedly speeding along Retreat Avenue just after two o'clock.  It struck a median at the intersection and flipped over, sliding along the street and hitting several light poles.  When it finally came to a stop on Maple Avenue, two people were dead and two others were critically injured.

That intersection involving Jefferson Street, Main Street, Maple Avenue, and Retreat Avenue has been confusing motorists for some time.  As the four roadways come together, there are traffic lanes that merge with a concrete median in the middle.

"We see a lot of cars crashing and all that stuff, probably because of the three lanes.  So we see a lot of accidents on this road," said Stephanie Lopez, the manager of the 'Edge Masters' nail boutique located at the intersection.

And Friday's crash caused problems for local businesses hoping to cash in on the traditional shopping frenzy.  "This morning was closed, all the area.  So we couldn't do any business," said Pablo Fernandez, owner of  'Mr. Wireless'.   He said they were offering deals for Black Friday but customers were blocked by the crash scene.

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