The Gaga-ification of Couture

Lady Gaga Look-a-Like's pop up at Couture Week

Even the fashion bigwigs are pondering it - the sometimes visually abrasive yet phenomenally poppy Lady Gaga's influence on the Fall 2009 Couture Shows.

She shopped around Paris in a nude body suit and a blazer, wore the fuzzy body part of a Muppet as a skirt, and has flashed practically every concert go-er this year, yet, she has achieved the ever-so-esteemed, couture muse status.

And as even the schoolmarm knows (thanks to the delightful flowchart speech given by Meryl Streep in 'The Devil Wears Prada') the entire fashion industry is inspired by the Couture shows in Paris, buyers and editors take the sometimes ambiguous trends in these collections to decide... well, basically everything.

So in retrospect, maybe Gaga is on to something. I'm not recommending you stitch a halter top made from the heads of your childhood stuffed animal collection, but in the realm of style, Gaga can really teach us a thing or two (well, actually three.)

1.  If you really have to wear something with a hood, make sure sure it's a color that pops against your hair and skin tone and is figure skimming. Avoid front pockets at all cost, while they tend to be practical and sometimes cutesy, the added bulk certainly won't protect you from a fashion bully. A luxe fabric - I'd be cozy in silk or cashmere, or both - and a bit of bling - gaudier the better, I mean it, the irony is key - will elevate you to the next level.

2. For those plunging necklines and other daring dress forms, keep the accessories simple and avoid symmetry. Also, pulling your hair back to look clean and casual allows your dress to be the star attraction. 

3. Dressing in monotone or gradients of the same color is a bit of a Gaga trademark, and is a tip that can really benefit everyone. If you can avoid looking like you're wearing a uniform, it's universally slimming and instantly pulls your outfit together. Matching jewelry isn't overkill, it's quirk.

Just don't be afraid of looking like a Barbie in vibrant colors.  Work it!

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