Want This Gives Thanks

Just some of our favorite products that we couldn't be more grateful for this year...

OUI OUI.... Crazylibellule and the Poppies is a household name in Europe but still remains mostly undiscovered here. These cute little chapstick-size tubes, better known as CrazySticks, contain sweet solid scents to be dabbed and swiped for your smelling pleasure. Want This never leaves the home without one... or two, or three to alternate or layer as we please. The selection of scents that is available in the States is sparse compared to those trendy European apothecaries, but you can find a selection of these Parisian delights at the Sephora in Farmington or the full collection, online at Beauty Habit.

FLIPPING OUT... Eliza B. is our home girl. No, really, she hails from not to far away in Essex, where she and her family have set up shop, producing flip flops, belts, and other accessories under her parent (literally) company, Leatherman, LTD. Sleet nor snow can keep us away from our squishy-sole flops with cheery ribbons, but treacherous weather conditions can tempt us to EB's newest product, the Allez Ballet Flat. Regardless, year after year, we can't imagine a spring or summer (or most of fall) without our grosgrain favorites from Eliza B.

OUR LETTERMAN JACKET... Being Connecticut girls we have to admit, we've got a soft spot for a monogram. Cardigans, sweater vests, boat totes... we can't get enough. We'd monogram our boyfriends if we could. One thing that will remind us of our Nutmeg roots will forever be the collection of monogrammable sweaters and oxfords from J.Crew. Order from their vast Monogram Shop online for only an extra $10 embroidery charge. Cashmere and Merino or crisp yet soft poplin, monograms will always bring us home.

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