Polishing and Primping Potions

East Granby's organic alchemist, Raffaele Ruberto, saves my summer skin.

Former New Yorker makeup artist, Raffaele Ruberto claims he's a "natural born alchemist," so as a natural born skeptic, I just had to check out his new line of organic skin care products, Mod.Skin.

Although everyone is riding the eco-friendly wave in the beauty industry these days, Ruberto sincerely seems to have nailed down his priorities.

No fluffy colors and scents, no wasteful trendy packaging and of course, no animal testing.

Best of all, Mod.Skin is created out of East Granby, Connecticut; sustainability going hand in hand with supporting local goods.

Ingredients like Italian blood orange, Norwegian kelp, and marshmallow root are blended into Mod.Skin's creations in the place of other artificial ingredients, leading me to think Ruberto isn't too far off in his expertise of potions and tonics.

While I recommend you test out the entire Mod.Skin collection for yourself (your local Whole Foods should have samples waiting to be taken advantage of) these are my personal three must-have products for this summer:

Face Sculpt Serum Excalibur (retail $40)
I'm all about sculpting and shadowing. Dusting out the hollows of your cheeks and lower jaw line are pre-photo musts. So any product that can promise to improve my skin's firmness and tone within 20 minutes is absolute gold. (Ruberto recommends popping the gel into your refrigerator for a frosty version of this treatment!)

Samurai Scrub Rice & Enzyme Face Polish (retail $30)
The city and travel takes a heavy toll on my skin and all the toner and facials in the world can't help it. Sometimes heavy exfoliation is really all I need. Samurai Scrub is active once you add water, using jojoba beads, shea butter and rice enzymes to buff your skin to it's former glowing self.

Weightless Lotion (retail $46)
In the summer, I'm always looking for a weightless face lotion that also packs an oil-fighting punch. Mod.Skin's weightless lotion does just that and leaves your skin naturally radiant and resilient.

Find Mod.Skin products at a variety of natural health and beauty boutiques in Connecticut and online at: www.ModSkinLabs.com.


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