We Don't Need No Stinkin' Baby Powder

NO SWEAT: Sayonara practical powder-scented deodorant sticks! We've got a prettier and more petite competitor in town: the Deodorettes by MBeze. The cute round tubes almost remind us of our favorite solid perfume from Crazylibellule and the poppies but rather than sweet French fragrances, Deodorettes house powerful body odor blockers, in the form of exotic scents like Twice Shy, a mix of pink grapefruit and fresh raspberries. Not only do they fight for a fresh fruity scent every time you reach for the stars, but the Deodorettes are made with completely natural organic ingredients and are not tested on animals. Now give us a high-five! (Mmm... smells great!)

BUY IT: Odor ... we mean, order your Deodorettes online for $10 each from MBeze.

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