We're in the “Spirit”

A local designer revamps birthstone jewelry and Wikipedia goes mobile.

FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT.. Office policy not supporting your right to dress up in full costume Friday afternoon in an early celebration for Halloween? We say no fair! But for the sake of keeping your job, your Halloween spirit can be held high with Kiss' spooky seasonal edition press-on nails. Stick it to the man (and your nails) with skulls and spiderwebs that are just enough to keep you dreaming of the ghoulish weekend ahead of you and don't worry, they're painlessly removeable so you won't still be "in costume" come Monday. Find them for only $3.99 a pack at CVS and Walgreens.

THE KNOW-IT-ALL... We're all guilty of it, some more than others: Relying on Wikipedia for our all-knowing source of useless, trivial, but sometimes pertinent information, for the most part, in excess. Now, if you haven't already utilized the Wikipedia mobile applications for your phone or PDA, you can give the ones your love (or pocket it yourself) the WikiReader, a touch-screen palm-size digital console with all the Wiki your hands can handle. No internet connection or AC adapters necessary, the WikiReader is runs on 2 AAA batteries and is packed with over 3 million Wikipedia topics already. Available online now for $99 (plus shipping & tax, and an additional $29 for 2 yearly software/data updates.)

BIRTHDAY BAUBLES.. Birthstone pieces might have been all the rage in elementary school, but as of recent, they seem to have fallen into the point of fashion oblivion. However, if you're looking to revive the trend, local designer Susan Roberts is our #1 choice for a chic and simple birthstone bauble fix. Her silver and gold knotted hoops have a unique dangling stone for your respective month, and these aren't your traditional birth jewels either -- each natural gem holds properties that reflect the month's personality. Order online for find at our favorite va-va-voom boutique, Lulu's in Guilford.

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