What You're Doing Tonight – March 26

Faith Alive: Godspell was an immediate hit when it hit Broadway. Tonight, it's at The Ivoryton Playhouse in Essex. Show doesn't ring a bell? You'd probably recognize the song "Day By Day." It was a ginormous hit back in the day.  Okay, maybe not  that big.  But man did it get stuck in your head.

More Music: A Chorus Line is at The Bushnell in Hartford tonight. They call it the best musical. Ever. We call it a winner ourselves, although Godspell's producers are going to be ticked about the big claim to fame. All we know is that we met a star of the show this morning and man can that guy dance. Sheesh.

Icarus: Forget the Muppets. This is THE puppet arts production. But really old school, as in Greek mythology old school. The Connecticut Repertory Theatre has a stage adaptation of Icarus, the story of the mythological character who flew too close to the sun and melted his wings of feathers and wax. Hot stuff.

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