Whatchoo Talkin About, Wellies?

Stackable sparklers, worthy wellies, and a smoking lounge suitable for all mad men.

RAIN RAIN, COME AGAIN ANOTHER DAY: With all the rain we've gotten this summer, we'd be shocked if you haven't given in and bought some wellies already. If you've chosen to disappoint us, don't worry, Plaza Too just got in Hunter's in the best new colors for fall. Steel gray, a matured magenta, and creamy beige should blend into your summer-meets-fall wardrobe quite nicely -- a clear investment for $115USD. Visit Plaza Too in Greenwich, New Canaan and Westport or Online.

STACK EM' UP: If you haven't raided Hollywood's famous Intuition boutique's budget collection for Target already (it was lacking, to be honest) and the ache for those $100+ friendship bracelets still burns a hole in your pocket (those better be some good friends), visit cutie cottage boutique, Witchy Poo in Wilton. A huge selection of those stretchy wooden and Swarovski beaded bracelets are available under $20, allowing for you to stack up for your many friends and yourself without breaking bank.

CRASHING THE BOYS ROOM: If you're not in the New Haven "Know," (lucky for you, we are) you may not know that little cigar shop on College Street, The Owl Shop, is also a smoking lounge and espresso and cocktail bar. Formerly a Wall Street staple, not only do they have an obviously fine selection of cigars, they have the most heavenly Nutella paninos and a collection of sophisticated savory small plates, like the simple prosciutto and mutz or brie, pesto, with granny smith apples. Also, if you happen to be looking for entertainment as well, King Mudbug is singin' the Blues on Tuesdays and get jazzed with the George Lesiw Band on Wednesdays, from 9-12 PM, with no cover.

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