What You're Doing Tonight – Nov. 10

Theater: What's old is new again tonight.  Hartford Stage is hosting 10/10/10 tonight.  It's a celebration of the tenth anniversary of something they call Brand:NEW Fall Festival of New Work.  Tonight's show is 10 years of history with 10-minute plays by 10 different playwrights.  Tickets are $100 and include all the shows, cocktails, and food.

Dining: Looking for a nice dinner out, but don't want to spend a small fortune on the wine?  Head over to Tuscany Grill in Middletown -- which is built in the old Middlesex Opera House -- where tonight you can bring your own bottle.  It will save you the up-charge from the restaurant.  If you'd prefer, you can always choose from their extensive wine list.

Dancing: Put down your pride and pick up your dancing shoes.  It's World Music Night at the Elmwood Community Center in West Hartford.  Starting at 6 p.m., dancers of all ages and skill levels can learn how to break it down to everything from Tango to Caribbean.  (Guys: watch her toes.)

The Mix: Check out The Chef's Table in Fairfield.  It's open mic night, where different musicians will be competing for you to throw a "coin" of support into their hat.  The restaurant's known for it's food, live music, and rock-n-roll artwork.

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